Welcome to UNC’s Student Global Health Committee!


The Student Global Health Committee is excited to announce the theme of this year’s GillingsX event: Resilience in Times of Crises.

A global pandemic, a continued fight for racial equity, blazing wildfires, political reckonings, and more. The past year has challenged the world in ways we could have never imagined. Despite living through undeniable and unignorable global crises, we have seen RESILIENCE in Public Health. This year’s GillingsX will give voice to those who have done the unthinkable: found their power in this time of chaos, and who are paving the way for regrowth for a more positive and more healthy future.

GillingsX is an annual event hosted by the Student Global Health Committee where Gillings students make 10-15 minute TEDx-style presentations to highlight inspiring projects, findings, and experiences they have had advancing global health. Interested in being a speaker for this year’s event? Find more details on the event and application process here.

Want to learn more about SGHC or GillingsX and how you can get more involved? Join us for our next general body meeting on Wed Jan 27 from 12:30 – 1pm. Register here and follow us on social media at @sghc_unc to stay in the loop!


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